Asbestos Head (Audiobook)

Asbestos Head (Audiobook)

Join Asbestos and the other 12 Heads in their spiritual and philosophical journey through life and death. Meet Pin Head the hyper-active, hyper-critical, hypocrite, Figure Head the mystic mathematician, Pot Head the shamanistic high school teacher, Dead Head the politically-active radical environmentalist, and a host of other unique personalities in this humorous and thought-provoking philosophical fiction novella. To download free or purchase a hard copy of Asbestos Head or my other published works please visit:

Note: Asbestos Head was published over 10 years ago before I became the full-blown conspiracy realist I am today, so you will notice the "taking for granted" of certain things like the holocaust, the globe, or dinosaurs which I no longer believe to be real things, and the work is fiction anyway, so calm down trolls.

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