Beyonce at Coachella 2018: Illuminati Symbolism Hidden in Plain Sight

Beyonce at Coachella 2018: Illuminati Symbolism Hidden in Plain Sight

Beyonce made history as the first black woman to headline Coachella in 2018 and I’m here to deflate the party…

The event was so monumental that Wikipedia has its own page dedicated to it; as well as countless media outlet tales about its significance. But I’m not here to downplay the empowerment of black women or the achievement of Beyonce. Instead, I’d like to focus on the symbolism that she gave us- which all received great focus from the mainstream media and other Beyonce stans that continue to worship this false idol.

Chris William from Variety exclaimed:

The show served as testament…to Beyoncé as the premier musical performer of our time.”

The New York Times said:

There’s not likely to be a more meaningful, absorbing, forceful and radical performance by an American musician this year, or any year soon, than Beyoncé’s headlining set.

It seems to me that this performance was baked and served in order to get the masses to consume it and push Beyonce one more step upwards into becoming the goddess they want us to believe her to be…

Beyonce was “magical” meaning “causing change in the real world”

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As usual, we find multiple levels of oddities behind the people involved with putting this show on.

Coachella is owned by a right wing billionaire named Philip Anschutz who allegedly gave funds to support pro-gun, anti-LGBT initiatives (as per COMPLEX). This is curious because all of the leftist causes supported by Beyonce which are at odds with Anschutz’ apparent stances.

The Washington Post rebranded the music festival as “Beychella” and said:

“…It also showed off in her creativity to celebrate and pay homage to something so integral to the fabric of black American life and history, in the least likely of places.”

They also made note to Vince Staples comments about Coachella (*which are actually quite accurate and comical):

Coachella has come to be known for an easygoing, boho aesthetic, with the stereotypical Coachella attendee a drunk white hipster wearing a Native American headdress and loads of glitter. On Friday, Vince Staples referred to the main stage as “the white people stage,” telling the crowd, “I know y’all don’t know who I am cause none of y’all look like me, but I don’t give a [expletive].”

So it seems that they are seeking to continue the narrative of division between black and white; keeping us distracted towards one another instead of keeping an eye on what it is that they are doing…

I’ve talked about the HELTER SKELTER symbolism of the past rearing its ugly head, and the symbolism of Beyonce supports this theory a bit further…

Black Panthers

Beyonce is no stranger to showing us symbolism on a massive level. She performed at the Super Bowl in 2016 with symbolism of the Black Panthers, which is reminiscent of the 1960s given Charles Manson’s attempts to frame the Panthers as murderers (again; see my HELTER SKELTER examination).

The crest she wore at Coachella had the black fist which is also symbolic of the Black Panthers:

Black fist on bottom left quadrant

Illuminati Triangle

She also performed at the Super Bowl in 2014 and displayed her husband, Jay-Z’s, Roc Diamond (aka the “Illuminati” Triangle):

Beyonce’s infamous 2013 Super Bowl Halftime performance- the largest witnessing of her Triangle of Manifestation

This is important because we saw more of this type of symbolism on the crest as well:

Top center- All Seeing Eye of Horus inside of the Triangle

Channeling the Goddess: Nefertiti

Beyonce was emulating the Egyptian queen Nefertiti during her Coachella performance. Nefertiti was the consort to Akhenaten, who was the ancient Egyptian king made famous for transitioning the culture to monotheism of the sun god.

The point here is that Beyonce is once again emulating a goddess archetype- much like she did at the Grammys in 2017 with Oshun:

UPDATE: What’s curious here is that one of Beyonce’s follower accounts nails the big deception with the comment about Beyonce not being human which is what the “Illuminati” want us to worship- non human entities (shout out to Ashley for sending this):

Beehive of Freemasonry

Finally, we can see the symbol of the bee which represents her “bey-hive” of followers.

Bee on bottom right quadrant

The Freemasons utilize this symbol to represent the masses who are the “worker bees” utilized to pursue the masters’ “Great Work.”

Beehive on middle-bottom-right

I’m always explaining my theory on how the “Illuminati” run the music industry and how they control the artists like Beyonce. I firmly believe they are puppets for a higher cause; regardless of how talented they are.

If the reader recalls; Coachella was the festival where we were first subjected to the transhuman hologram performance of Tupac back in 2012. It’s all supported by Philip Anschutz…

Philip Anschutz not only owns the Coachella music festival; but he also owns AEG Live. This music promotion company may sound familiar because they were behind Michael Jackson’s final This Is It tour.

The Guardian reported how the family was curious about AEG’s involvement into MJ’s death:

Jackson’s family also want to know more about the role of AEG Live, the concert promoter due to stage his 50-date concert series at London’s 02 Arena. They want to investigate the role of his advisers and representatives and believe they were put in place by the promoter.

Murray is now at the centre of the police investigation and has engaged a top legal firm. According to AEG Live, the cardiologist was summoned to Los Angeles by Jackson to help him prepare for his gruelling concert schedule. Jackson had been losing weight and missing rehearsals, but the team with him the night before he died insisted he was back on top form.

Randy Phillips, chief executive of AEG Live, said a significant amount of money was due to be advanced to Murray by the company and the doctor was to accompany Jackson to Britain.

AEG Live even hosted a public memorial of MJ’s death at the Staples Center (which Anschutz also owns) and turned his death into a profit scheme with pre-sold tickets! After MJ’s death they offered to either provide a refund of the tickets or allow the people to keep them as a “souvenir.” As per BBC:

Michael Jackson fans who paid in advance for the singer’s UK concerts have been offered their money back or a souvenir ticket as an alternative.

Promoter AEG Live said the tickets feature graphics “inspired and designed” by the music legend, who died at the age of 50 on Thursday.

An estimated 800,000 people paid £50-£75 to watch the star perform 50 concerts at London’s 02 arena.

The company will not be printing any further tickets as collectables.

It adds that the originals will become collectors’ items, and feature special images which give them a 3D moving effect.

Fans have until 14 Aug to take up the offer of receiving the original tickets for the This Is It dates.

AEG also was responsible for assigning Conrad Murray as Michael’s doctor (you know- the doctor that performed CPR on a mattress and found guilty of involuntary manslaughter).

But we’re not here to talk about Michael Jackson; instead we’re exploring a broader picture of artist control in the music industry. I believe my hip hop conspiracy book proves without a doubt that there is more at play behind the scenes than the masses are aware of. And with that, I believe that Beyonce’s “historical” performance was part of a larger agenda of the “Illuminati”.

I’m not trying to dismiss the significance of a black woman heading the music festival, but I am suggesting the symbolism involved shows us that she is a pawn in a larger system of promoting occult doctrine and leading many down a path of a New World Order…

I’ve got a slew of examinations of Beyonce that support this theory. Here are my most popular:

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