Did XXXTentacion’s Fake His Death? Drake and the Illuminati Blood Sacrifice: CTAUC Podcast Special

Did XXXTentacion’s Fake His Death? Drake and the Illuminati Blood Sacrifice: CTAUC Podcast Special

On today’s episode of the Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast we’re going to explore the death of XXXTentacion. Was he killed by rival rappers? Did the Illuminati get him on the blood sacrifice? Was Drake involved? Did he fake his death?… Learn more about these theories that the media is NOT talking about on today’s show!

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Show Topics:

  • Who is XXXTentacion?
  • Lyrics and Numerology of 666
  • Death on 666 day
  • Beef with Drake
  • Predictions of his own death
  • Lyrics to Drake’s song that says XXX will be shot
  • XXX’s IG posts saying that Drake would kill him and the “sacrifice”
  • Drake and Bohemian Grove
  • Did XXX fake his own death?…

Hip hop and the Illuminati; how does the occult play into music?…

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