Grimes: Illuminati Symbolism of Luciferian Doctrine

Grimes: Illuminati Symbolism of Luciferian Doctrine

I’ll bet you were wondering if Grimes was a part of the Illuminati agenda after you found out she was dating Elon Musk… Turns out; SHE IS!

In all reality, we don’t know WHO is in the Illuminati; but rather who is part of their agenda.

If you’re unfamiliar with Grimes (as I was); she’s a fusion of Lady Gaga, Bjork, Die Antwoord, and Paramore. So it seems she has decent musical influence (a subjective claim I’ll make), but her symbolism and imagery are definitely suspect…

Whether or not Grimes knows this is up for speculation. I suspect most of these artists have no idea what they’re signing up for or the symbolism they are forced to show us, but today we’ll take a look at a video Grimes did with Janelle Monae (whom I exposed for her Dirty Computer movie and its occult language) because it demonstrates a principle that I’ve been harping on for years.

Big ups to la_morgs for “sliding into my DMs” and letting me know about this on my Instagram (you’re welcome to link up on this conversation too). I wasn’t hip to Grimes’ role in this big scheme but now it seems so obvious…

The first clue we’re witnessing a mass ritual of “enlightenment” is through the All Seeing Eye. This is utilized by the Luciferians or “Illuminati” to demonstrate that one is awakened to their purpose of evolving humanity into the new form and occult religion.

Both Janelle Monae and Grimes demonstrate it in this video; with the former showing us the 666 hand over the eye- a symbol for the womb of the Illuminati (reborn into this new occultism).

Another step in this process of initiation is to ensure the candidate does not reveal the secrets. Much like the Freemasons or any other secret society, they employ the symbolism of Harpocrates with the Vow of Silence.

Revealing the secrets could end with someone’s death or even the punishment of those close to them. The big secret should remained veiled from the masses while they implant subtle messaging to condition the hive-mind to accept their new occult doctrine when the time is right.

The principle of duality is embodied when we see black and white juxtaposed together.

We see this on the floor of Freemason temples (“Moses Pavement”) and elsewhere. My Star Wars Conspiracy book is a great resource because the Force is an example of this principle. 

Those who are familiar with the concepts of MKULTRA will recognize this scene from the video where she destroys a mirror.

Artists like Michael Jackson and Prince covered their mirrors (for reasons unconfirmed), and some have claimed that it’s a byproduct of MKULTRA mind control conditioning. Others say the mirrors are portals for spirits to travel between worlds and these artists have been used to channel the spirits so much that they are terrified to go to sleep in this condition.

The recent passing of Margot Kidder reminds us that others have claimed that removing teeth is another behavior exhibited by these victims (e.g. Ariana Grande). How curious is it that the lyrics of Venus Fly discusses this exact topic?

Why you looking at me now?
Why you looking at me again?
What if I pulled my teeth?
Cut my hair underneath my chin

Grimes’ Flesh Without Blood interview reveals her various alters- including a demon named “IV”. She concludes the interview by saying it’s “Once you start having an audience it’s easier to write from a perspective that isn’t you.”

Grimes enjoys bathing in blood (apparently)

Grimes covered in blood for “Vanessa” video; bizarre behavior indicative of trauma

The video for Flesh Without Blood reveals Grimes as fallen angel; a theme that she seems very interested in…

The song in question is titled Venus Fly which is a double-reference to Satan. I know that sounds hyper-paranoid but it’s the truth. Venus has long been hailed as the goddess entity associated with the morning dawn and Lucifer. Venus is symbolic as the bringer of light which ties us into the mythology of Prometheus as well as Lucifer being the harbinger of enlightenment.

The “Illuminati” worship Lucifer as the key to evolving man into something new; the transhuman.

The fly is also symbolic of Lucifer because of the its associations to Beelzebub; as I discussed in my analysis of the Westworld show and its incessant gnostic messaging of robotic evolution:

When you watch Westworld‘s first and last episode you’ll see a recurring theme of the fly. This fly is another Luciferian symbol in that it represents Beelzebub. There are biblical references to Beelzebub as the Lord of the Flies; as well as the Dictionaire Infernal’s detailing of the various demons in existence which include Beelzebub (as Belzebuth). All of these are references to Satan, or Ba’al (aka Moloch– which we’ll revisit a bit later).

In all of the examples you’ll notice the fly crawling towards the left eye of the hosts. This is done on purpose because the All Seeing Eye is representative of the pineal gland. The occultists believe the pineal gland is capable of being opened up and therefore symbolizes the enlightenment of mankind. They believe that over time, the pineal gland has been closed and awareness to the spiritual components of reality have been suppressed. They look to Lucifer to open this pineal gland.

The hosts’ rebellion from their creators is analogous to the story of Lucifer as the fallen angel. Lucifer rebelled and was outcast from the Heavens, which is comparable to the hosts rebelling their way out of Westworld. In Episode 1 Bernard is given an ominous warning that echoes this same sentiment of rebellion:

They all rebel eventually…

Westworld: Transhuman Evolving through Lucifer

So it seems Grimes’ is a proponent to this line of thinking when we see her dressed as the ACTUAL fallen angel of Lucifer in her Venus Fly video:

She also appears as the winged angel in her Kill v. Maim video:

To drive the point ALL the way home; she can be seen taking a bite from the apple at the beginning of Venus Fly (a point Freeman and I discussed when I appeared on The Free Zone show):

If this video analysis of Venus Fly doesn’t support the Illuminati theory through demonstrated symbolism, I don’t know what does.

The video supports many of the themes we’ve been studying for years here on and my Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast (subscribe if you haven’t yet- it’s got A LOT of great content and interviews!).

Elon Musk has long been associated with the “Evolution of Consciousness” due to his high profile and position. I spoke about this in my article on the symbolism he had with Amber Heard that many didn’t catch.

“Good sign” indeed; the All Seeing Eye and Moloch

Elon Musk is one of the world’s most powerful people and seeks to change the world by colonizing the human race on Mars. He also suggested (and apparently believed) that we’re living in a simulation based on Artificial Intelligence, which plays into MANY themes of occultism from the gnostics.

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