Dave Chappelle released a two-part comedy series on Netflix on Dec. 31st, 2017 called Equanimity and The Bird Revelation. Even though he openly laid out a disclaimer about comedy being exempt from the political correctness going on in America right now; the media proceeded to blast him for being inconsiderate to transgender, sexual abuse victims, and so on. Many are laying out the framework to ask if he’s “gone too far.”

There are two things that are curious here: one is that I typically lean on the side of spreading awareness of sensitivities to disenfranchised groups. I feel that only through awareness can people change their views of the world. So when the media quickly bashed Chappelle and his new shows by taking many of this comments out of context; it seems that the more “right wing” side of the conspiracy realm may have a point in their agenda of policing our own conversations. Not to mention; comedy is a strange sort of practice that should be exempt from political correctness. That’s just the way it is. If we can’t laugh at something then it has way too much power over us.

The second thing of curiosity is that NOBODY is talking about how Chappelle reveals his reason for walking away from his $50M contract with Comedy Central and going to South Africa (which the tabloids attributed to drug abuse- something he brings up in the show). I’ll cover this a bit deeper in a second, but I found it quite odd that the overall message is that we shouldn’t watch or support Dave Chappelle because he’s supposedly a racist, bigoted, mysgonist; even though he repeatedly tells the audience that being mean is part of comedy and he doesn’t seek to do harm here. He even says that if you listen to his show and feel like beating up a transgender than you should leave.

I uploaded my video to YouTube and they immediately blocked it. I’m attempting a new upload with the video clips removed- but that version sucks. I’ve got the version with the clips on my DailyMotion account so watch it while you can! It has all the info from this article AND the clips to support it.


Chappelle has an interesting choice for the title of this first show. “Equanimity” is a state of psychological stability and composure which is undisturbed by experience of or exposure to emotions, pain, or other phenomena that may cause others to lose the balance of their mind. We’ll revisit this, but keep it in the back of the mind as we look at a common thread between the two shows.

He starts the show by talking about how he needed to get out of the comedy game before things got bad for him- drawing comparisons to Kevin Hart’s sex tape scandal. This is the first joke in this two-part comedy special and he’s already laying the groundwork for a higher level reveal, as well as the power held over the entertainers by those that are higher up in the industry.

The next topic is about writing jokes in reverse (although I’m sure it’s not the “reverse writing” of Aleister Crowley that influenced the back masking of metal-suicide messages). He says he comes up with a punchline and then creates a joke to fit it. The direct suggestion I’m giving here is that Chappelle wanted to reveal a darker truth to Hollywood that he was a witness to when he had his “breakdown” and went to South Africa.

That is the punchline.

The entire two-part comedy show is the ‘joke’ to support it.

He talks about transgender ideas, over-sensitivity and political correctness and how these new attitudes are driven by rich, white men because historically nobody has cared about what women or black people think, so it’s almost transparent that there is some kind of agenda at play here.

Chappelle goes into the two-party system of politics and how he voted for Clinton begrudgingly after she removed Bernie from the election. When he was in line to do early voting he realized that poor white people were mistakenly thinking Trump would be fighting for them, but in reality Trump was fighting for rich people like him.

Chappelle talks about the deception from the media in making us believe the extreme left and right are the norm when in reality we’re all closer to the center. This is one of the main points I try to convey in my works because they are doing psyops to divide us and keep us distracted while they pursue their own agenda.

The second show starts out with a quote from Jazz musician Charlie Parker, which is most likely where the “Bird” term comes into play since he was called “Bird” in his day.

Chappelle says the jokes sound mean but they’re not intended that way (which is ironic since the MSM completely took his Louis CK joke out of context).

Chappelle talks about Louis CK’s sexual improprieties and how the woman who then gave up her dreams of comedy had a “brittle spirit.” He then goes into COINTELPRO- a subject I discussed in my hip hop conspiracy book Sacrifice: Magic Behind the Mic. He is telling us there is an actual coordinated agenda by pointing to real examples here.

The higher point he is making is that Hollywood has a gauntlet of things to navigate and its not for the faint of heart. Furthermore he talks about the extra struggles it takes to be a black man in America through the last 400 years. He then jokes about the brittle spirits of white America who can’t tolerate the National Anthem and kneeling.

He proceeds through with similar thinking and talks about an orgy where he was like Tom Cruise (and jokes about ruining it when everyone gets quiet)- a reference to Eyes Wide Shut.

He then makes a revelatory statement about the system being corrupt and how we need to give people IN the system a place to be vulnerable and tell us what they did as part of the system.

What’s VERY curious is that Chappelle talks about a sudden heat in the room and asks where the crowd thinks it came from (I’d offer a suggestion of the Devil). He then goes into the scope of his disappearance…

The final analogy is about the illusory world of Hollywood and the real darkness within it. He’s presumably the prostitute who is in his last bit of “mileage” before he snaps. They may have put on a clever show of a sacrifice or death- much like we see in Eyes Wide Shut when Tom Cruise’s character witnesses the ritualistic sacrifice at the mansion. They then let Chappelle believe he was responsible for something bad and they tell him they can keep it a secret together. After this, they can squeeze some more work out him.

The idea is that perhaps Hollywood has a clever illusion they use to trick people into doing their bidding (which raises a question of what precisely their bidding is- sexual or otherwise). If Chappelle was part of a cunning ruse then he’s still afraid to speak about it. Throughout the special he is practically begging for the masses to change their attitudes towards people that have been a part of the system’s game (e.g. Ben Affleck). He wants to create a safe environment so he can share his story and help bring down the bigger system.

Back in the mid-2000s, Chappelle was on Inside the Actors Studio, and he talked about how Hollywood was treating him like a prostitute.

I would go to work on the show and I felt awful every day, that’s not the way it was. … I felt like some kind of prostitute or something. If I feel so bad, why keep on showing up to this place? I’m going to Africa. 

This was also the show where he talked about how Hollywood could break down powerful men like Martin Lawrence and Kevin Hart by making them wear dresses and become more eliminate.

Since the media can’t get past the political correctness (or lack thereof), I’m left scouring through Reddit forums to see if anyone has any ideas on how to decode Chappelle’s secret. Some draw analogies to the Bible’s Book of Revelation and the links between Babylon and Hollywood; which may be a good start.

Here’s what we do know: Chappelle alludes to something darker going on in Hollywood than rape. He couldn’t be more clear on this. He titles his first show Equanimity because he himself was psychologically impacted from what he either saw or took part of.

He also alludes to the room getting hot and makes a point to ask where the heat came from. Note that this final show of his was filmed in Los Angeles; ground zero for this entire idea.

He makes a couple references to Eyes Wide Shut and Tom Cruise’s character, which we all know is the film that revealed too much and allegedly got Kubrick killed for showing off too much of the Hollywood deception (as decoded in my Kubrick’s Code project).

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From a higher perspective it seems that one of his main objectives is to warn about TOO much political correctness. He assures us that it’s not because he doesn’t like these groups; but rather because it’s a distraction tool being used by elite whites in the “Illuminati” (at least that’s how I read it).

He is doing this because he wants to give himself (and others) a place to share the secrets they’ve been a witness to; as well as a part of.

What are these secrets that are so horrid that he feels he can’t share them?…

Blood sacrifice.

His final plea for what happened to make him go to South Africa is analogous to Iceberg Slim’s Pimp book and an example where the pimp gets inside the head of the prostitute and makes her believe she killed a man. He then manipulates her into putting a few more “tricks” in; long after her “mileage” has expired. Chappelle was the prostitute and he was deceived into taking part of a blood sacrifice (which may or may not be an illusion).

I believe this because of the actions taken at Bohemian Grove on an annual basis.

For those that aren’t familiar with this event, it is a elite boys’ club that meets annually to conduct a “Cremation of Care” ceremony where they do a “mock” sacrifice of a child to a giant owl god (which has been called “Moloch” but more accurately would be described as “Minerva”). I talked about this concept as it relates the death of Drake’s friend in September 2017, so read that for another example.

If I was to take a guess at what Chappelle has been trying to tell us, it would be that people high up in the entertainment industry take practice in mock (or worse- real) blood sacrifices of human beings. Throughout the comedy shows he puts down the people that spoke out about sexual improprieties and said they had “brittle spirits.” He says this because he was a witness to something much darker and walked away from 50 million dollars. He’s saying that people in entertainment keep their mouth shut because the amount of fame and fortune is far too great.

He overcame that.

He actually walked away.

The people that are claiming sexual abuse are still inside the machine and benefiting from it, and if they wanted to truly make a difference they should walk away like he did.

If you have any other ideas on this- please comment below. Is my theory right? Do you have any other ideas? We have to rely on each other to explore these things because the mainstream media will continuously let us down and push the agenda that seeks to divide us and keep us trapped in the hamster wheel.

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