Katy Perry’s Witchcraft Battle with Nuns, CIA’s Remote Viewing of Mars, and Social Media Experimentation: Isaac on CTAUC

Katy Perry’s Witchcraft Battle with Nuns, CIA’s Remote Viewing of Mars, and Social Media Experimentation: Isaac on CTAUC

On today’s episode of the Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast I talk about several recent events in the world; from Katy Perry’s witchcraft battle with the nuns (that left one dead in court), to Iggy Azalea and Macaulay Culkin. We review a released CIA document about an experiment to remote view Mars at one million years ago and learn about the Ancient Aliens-esque structures on it (and the aliens that inhabit them). I also go over social media ideas and a brief review of the Illuminati symbolism behind “Split”.

The first half of the show is free for all; with the second half available for Patreon Tier 1+ supporters.

Show Topics:

  • Amazon reviews: I’m now an occultist and Michael Hoffman’s “Revelation of the Method”
  • Katy Perry, witchcraft and dead nuns
  • Iggy Azalea: turning from the Faustian bargain and into the bathtub (watch the video HERE)
  • Macaulay Culkin on Jimmy Fallon talks conspiracy theories, Pizza Underground band and sex bunny ears
  • CIA document remote viewing Mars from 1M years ago
    • A document dated May 22 1984, released in 2000, retrievable on CIA.gov under the title “MARS EXPLORATION.” (read it HERE)
    • Pyramids, megalithic structures (are the Ancient Aliens folks right?), obelisks and more
    • Tall, thin, shadow people (Martians)
    • Climate change- evacuating the planets

The full show (for Patreon Tier 1 and up supporters) goes deeper with bonus content:

  • Social Media Experiment
    • Manipulating the emotional contagion
    • Tristan Harris: Google Ethicist reveals the “Attention Economy”
    • Who is helped by building your “brand”?… Zuckerberg and the Russians
    • True purpose of autoplay and binge watching
    • Fake “Outrage”
    • Racing down the brainstem to the reptilian complex- base frequencies are the focus
    • Persuasive Technology lab at Stanford
    • Smart phones are slot machines
  • Brief “Split” movie review
    • “23” Enigma (23 personalities)
    • 24th personality: THE BEAST
    • Dissociative Identity Disorder and his favorite rapper (hint- it’s Kanye West)
    • The Devil’s Haircut

Iggy in the church…

Lyrics reference the Faustian pact

Iggy in the Occult Bath

Am I crazy or is this jewelry “Baphomet” esque?…

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Website publisher of IlluminatiWatcher.com and top 5% Amazon author of THE DARK PATH; Isaac Weishaupt has been on the leading edge of conspiracy theories surrounding the elusive “Illuminati” and its infiltration of the entertainment industry. Using examples of familiar pop culture and works of entertainment, Isaac has been speaking and writing about the occult from a unique perspective that seeks to understand the big agenda while helping others along the way.

Isaac hosts the “Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture” podcast (supported by the IW Patreons) as well as being the monthly Illuminati expert on BLACKOUT Radio. He has been a featured guest on Dave Navarro’s “Dark Matter Radio,” Richard C. Hoagland’s “Other Side of Midnight”, SIRIUS/XM’s The All Out Show, The HigherSide Chats, Freeman Fly’s “The Free Zone”, Mark Devlin’s “Good Vibrations”, VICE, COMPLEX magazine, and many more radio shows and podcasts. His fresh perspective and openly admitted imperfections promotes the rational approach to exploring these taboo subjects and conspiracy theories.

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