Amazon Didn’t Kill Toys R Us, SJW Pandering Star Wars Did

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Amazon Didn’t Kill Toys R Us, SJW Pandering Star Wars Did

If you haven’t heard the news, iconic big box retailer Toys R Us is getting ready to call it quits. Hot on the heels of their formal bankruptcy filing last fall, the famous chain will now close all its UK locations. A move expected to be just a precursor for a full-scale company liquidation coming sometime later this year. As far as the mainstream media is concerned, the culprit in this murder is obvious. The same boogeyman accused of being behind the fall of every brick and mortar chain in the past decade, Amazon. What this narrative ignores, however, is that there is another large force responsible for the demise of Toys R Us. It just happens to be one that most people are too politically correct to mention, at least outside of Youtube comments.In recent years, Toys R Us much like so many other companies have fallen sway to the effects of Cultural Marxism. With social justice oriented products dominating shelf space inside the world’s largest toy focused retailer. From dolls aimed at boys to weapons aimed at girls, the store focused on what Liberals claim kids should like, rather than on what they actually do. Nowhere was this more obvious, than when it came to Star Wars toys. A subsection that for decades had remained one of the companies most consistent and reliable sellers. In the wake of Disney’s modern SJW pandering Star Wars, however, an interesting phenomenon has occurred. People have simply stopped buying Star Wars toys. 
The three headlines pictured above, from Forbes, Fortune, and the Hollywood Reporter all amazingly make no mention of the backlash to Disney’s Star Wars as contributing to the sales drop. That’s not to say no one is noticing. With many online openly discussing the fact that boys don’t seem to want Finn action figures, and girls simply just still aren’t that interested in Star Wars, despite the new movies focus on Rey. If you want proof of just how bad this complete lack of interest in Star Wars merchandise has hurt Toys R Us, check out this video taken mere days ago from a store preparing to close down. A store which can’t seem to clear out its many aisles full of Star Wars merchandise despite steep markdowns.

Thus far the media has opted to ignore all of the above, and continue to take the easy road out by simply blaming Amazon. Despite the fact that other major big box retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target have managed to survive in this post-Amazon era just fine, by making smart business decisions and not ones based on pandering for Progressive brownie points. Whatever the truth of the matter, one thing we can all agree on is that for the millions of Americans who have fond memories of growing up with Toys R Us, this is a sad day indeed. As the company is expected to file its official liquidation plan with the court as early as this Thursday, with the full chainwide closure of all its stores soon to follow after that.

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Published at Wed, 14 Mar 2018 18:19:39 +0000

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