Announcing the newest members of the /r/conspiracy mod team

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Announcing the newest members of the /r/conspiracy mod team

Congrats to the following users:




The remaining additions to the team will be announced pending their acceptance of the invite.

These users were vetted in a sister sub created by the /r/conspiracy mods called /r/conspiracy_conclave. In order to prevent outside disruption from certain "bad actors," the conclave has remained private.

Since the new team has been chosen, this is no longer necessary, and now the nomination thread can be publicly viewed.

The conclave will continue to function as a place for discussing how to keep /r/conspiracy healthy and thriving. For those who want to participate in good faith, feel free to message the mods with a request to be added to the list of approved submitters.

A final note: the new mods have been given provisional permissions for an as of yet undetermined period of time. Among other things, they will be restricted from editing the sub and issuing bans.

Best of luck to the new team!

Published at Tue, 13 Mar 2018 05:19:27 +0000

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