Black Middle School Girl Tells Muslim Girl In Hijab: “Go Back to Where the F*ck You Came From”

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Black Middle School Girl Tells Muslim Girl In Hijab: “Go Back to Where the F*ck You Came From”

Bullying can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone. But most instances of bullying that get reported by the mainstream media are instances where the bully is white, and the victim is black/Hispanic or belonging to the Muslim religion. If we sat around and watched CNN all day long, growing out our blue armpit hairs and organizing Antifa rallies on Facebook, we would assume that black people are never the oppressor, always the oppressed. 

How difficult would it be for a liberal to believe that bullying has no race? Maybe you should let them read this article (if they can get past the first two sentences without getting triggered) and perhaps they’ll stop being a bunch of racist social justice warriors without a purpose. 

A local news channel in St. Louis broadcasted a video recently that supposedly originated from Snapchat before migrating over to Facebook and becoming a viral sensation. The video shows a heavy-set black girl in her tweens yelling at a Muslim girl and calling her derogatory names.  

“Go back to wherever the f*ck you came from. Cause this ain’t you mother f**king country it’s the mother f**king United States and we don’t speak that sh*t around here!”    

It’s clear that she said more than what’s written in the quote, but she was speaking so quickly and saying so many beeped out cuss words that no one could really understand what she was saying. Maybe she needs to realize that this is the United States and we speak actual English around here. 

The girl wearing the Hijab covered her face crying, telling the other girl to stop yelling at her. 

News outlets are veering away from this story because of the racial tension that’s attached to it, but don’t we deserve to know the truth regardless of race? Because the bully is black and the victim is Muslim, no one wants to even talk about it at the dinner table. Had the bully been white, CNN would have reported on the story for days on end. The victim would probably be on the cover of Time Magazine.  

This story reflects negatively on blacks, and despite what any sane person may tell you, slavery is still alive and well in “Trump’s America” and whites need to give everything they own over to them just for being black and oppressed. 

If it doesn’t fit the narrative, they never tell the story. 

Published at Mon, 23 Apr 2018 22:03:59 +0000

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