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Choose a new Democratic Party logo!

The Democrat Party’s traditional logo is the donkey.

The story is that Andrew Jackson’s enemies twisted his name to “Andrew Jackass” as a term of ridicule, the jackass or donkey having a reputation of being stupid and stubborn. However, liking the donkey’s common-man implications, the Democrats adopted the image as a point of pride. The donkey logo then was popularized in 1870 by Thomas Nast’s cartoons in Harper’s Weekly. (Wikipedia)

Alas, the Democrat Party is no longer the party of the common man, made evident in the election of 2016 when Hillary Clinton was the candidate of Wall Street and Goldman Sachs.

See “Wall Street owns Clintons; Goldman Sachs biggest donor

In contrast, Republican Donald Trump was the voice of the forgotten common man, especially the displaced workers of America’s rust belt.

See “2016 Revolt of the Deplorables: The Forgotten Working Class

Clearly, the Democrat Party needs a new logo.

Here are some suggestions (you get to vote for your favorite!):

(1) The Hammer and Sickle, symbol of communism:

(2) The Dead Donkey

(3) The (extinct) Dodo Bird

(4) The Baphomet:

(5) And the newest: Vote for the Democrats, the Party of MS-13 thugs! (h/t FOTM‘s CP)

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