Congress Secretly Moves Forward With New Bipartisan Supported National ID Initiative

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Congress Secretly Moves Forward With New Bipartisan Supported National ID Initiative

As per usual in modern America, the most important developments occurring in our nation’s capital are going almost criminally under-reported. Case in point, the renewed efforts being made towards a national biometric based National ID card. This latest push towards a complete totalitarian surveillance state, comes in the form of House Representative Bob Goodlatte’s newly introduced H.R. 4760 bill. Otherwise known as the Securing America’s Future Act of 2018. The bill which encompasses everything from military to education reforms hides within its over 400 pages, plans for the launch of a new National ID card which would become mandatory for every U.S. citizen.

Clocking in at a hefty 414 pages in length, maybe it was just too much to expect that our mainstream press would actually read the bill and report on what it contains. After all the only other two explanations for the complete lack of national media coverage, is that our news agencies are outright being ordered not to cover this, or perhaps even more frightening simply don’t care. For those that do still care however, the entire text of the bill in question can be read here.

For those with less time, the most important facts are as follows. H.R. 4760 calls for the creation of a mandatory National identification system that would require all Americans to carry on them a Government issued ID containing some level of biometric based identification features. Without this new card, among other things, one would no longer be able to legally work in this country. More worrisome though, our its potential uses towards the tracking of American citizens in terms of both their location and activities.


While the Republican Representative Bob Goodlatte has presented the proposed legislation as a potential solution for the political DACA stalemate. Other more principled Conservatives aren’t so sure. This includes former House rep himself Dr. Ron Paul who states, “This bill would give DACA recipients a 3-year renewable legal status while forcing a biometric National ID card on virtually everyone else.” Putting it even simpler Mr. Paul said, “That’s right. The statists want to control you.”

If you were hoping more rational freedom loving voices would have already put a stop to this madness you will be disappointed. As under the guise of immigration reform the bill has already gained over 70 Co-sponsors. It would seem these sponsors have forgotten that this bill targets not just illegals but rather every legal American citizen as well. Under this proposed law, Americans would be permanently tied to yet another massive government database, and restricted in a number of their activities. It is an effort by big government to track and control us, and should be challenged by all principled Conservatives. Not championed by Republicans lost in an Anti-Illegal fervor.

Democrat’s and their big government allies have been attempting to get some form of a National ID law passed for years now. Previously all prior efforts towards this had been successful resisted by an alliance of Republicans and the few more moderate Democrats still present in Congress. Now however many of these same Republicans are suddenly on board with the very thing they fought against just years back, simply because it has been dressed up in Anti-Immigration packaging. Below Dr. Ron Paul outlines both the hypocrisy of this newfound support for the law, and the real dangers posed by it.

One last fact worth pointing out is that the very congressman pushing this latest bit of tyrannical surveillance state nonsense, is already on his way out. As back in November Mr. Goodlatte announced his intention to not seek Re-Election in 2018. Implying the man is most likely quite self-aware of just what a bad deal he is trying to push on the American people, but know’s he will now not have to be held accountable for it afterwards. This is a prime example of just why a politician not seeking reelection is often the most dangerous kind. As they so often drop all pretense of working for the people, and reveal just what interests they were really serving all along. 

If the idea of the government increasingly tracking your day to day life. Including everything from your shopping habits, religious beliefs, political affiliation, and even just basic location doesn’t sound appealing to you. Join with other freedom loving citizens and sign the official petition against the proposed bill here. Even just the simple sharing of this article, can help in preventing our supposed leaders from going forward with this Orwellian nightmare. After all, there is a reason they are working to make sure most American’s only hear about this after it’s already done. 

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Published at Fri, 26 Jan 2018 20:16:13 +0000

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