Huffington Post Editor Celebrates Discriminating Against White People

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Huffington Post Editor Celebrates Discriminating Against White People

Huffington Post editor Chloe Angyal is celebrating the fact that the publication successfully discriminates against white people.

Angyal, who is the deputy opinion editor for the left-wing outlet, took to Twitter to express her pride at eliminating more white people from the opinion section of the website.

“Month two of @HuffPost Opinion is almost done. This month we published: 63% women, inc. trans women; 53% writers of colour,” she wrote.

“Our goals for this month were: less than 50% white authors (check!), Asian representation that matches or exceeds the US population (check!), more trans and non-binary authors (check, but I want to do better),” added Angyal.

She went on to encourage “every other opinion page” to follow the same policy.

Respondents to the tweets weren’t so enthusiastic.

“You realize that this is discrimination, right?” asked one.

“At least you’re honest about be a racist. I’ll give you that,” remarked another.

“Chloe when are you giving up your salary and job for an intersectional person?” joked another respondent.

One wonders what Angyal is hoping to achieve by being so effusively public about discriminating against people based on their skin color.

Does she want a medal for being racist?


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

Published at Wed, 14 Mar 2018 22:37:05 +0000

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