It Isn’t About Identity Politics, It’s About Which Identities Are Worth Protecting

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It Isn’t About Identity Politics, It’s About Which Identities Are Worth Protecting

The social justice movement has swept over Western civilization faster than the bubonic plague. Rather than the physical death which accompanied the Black Death in the Roman Empire during the 14th century, social justice has brought with it a death of the intellect. Equality, in the postmodernist and currently dominant neo-Marxist understanding, is the absolute equity of all peoples. This, of course, requires a classification of “peoples” into a class-like paradigm, seeking to separate and define individuals by their association with a larger whole. This has become known to the general public as “identity politics,” where race, gender, culture, and religion each comprise an “identity.”

Many on the right-wing side of the political spectrum believe that identity politics are a left-wing method of applying Marxist class ideals to race and whatnot. Rod Dreher, a senior editor at the American Conservative, writes that, “The American left had better wake up and realize what its obsession with identity politics is doing to it, and to the country,” and refers to identity politics as “perils.” 

However, are identity politics really the problem with leftist rhetoric? Is identitarianism something to be condemned and seen as un-American? Certainly not. Identity is one of the most uniting entities in the world. Humankind naturally segregates itself according to naturally arising differences that can be attributed to the diversity of geographical allocation of all peoples. 


In the United States, the federal government lifted bans on interracial marriage in 1967 with the historic Loving v. Virginia ruling. This resulted in a dramatic increase of interracial marriages from 2% of all married couples in 1970 to 8.4% in 2010. This figure fits with the Pew Research statistic stating that, as of 2012, more than 17% of the black American population married someone whose race was different than their own, contrasted with 9.4% of white Americans. 

The above data indicates that even with the federal suspension of interracial relationship bans, over 90% of whites and over 80% of blacks prefer to seek relationships within their own racial group. Additionally, as analyzed in an online debate between white nationalist Jared Taylor and classical liberal Carl Benjamin (aka Sargon of Akkad), religion can also be an enormous uniting factor for individuals. The identity that religion provides to individuals creates a dynamic international community that transcends, at times, even race, as is the case with Islam. 

Rather, the primary problem with leftist rhetoric is primarily which identities are worth protecting. For example, students at many universities are permitted to choose their own pronouns. At the University of Michigan, one student humorously insisted that, in accordance with the school’s policy, he be referred to exclusively as “His Majesty, Grant Strobl.” There are both real and imaginary identities in the world today, and while the former are worth protecting and preserving, identities that are centered around imagination and/or victimization deserve to be uprooted and dealt with accordingly.

The danger of insisting that “all identities matter” is that when such a principle receives federal enforcement, a filter on what is and is not allowed to be said is placed. When one is not allowed to use certain words for whatever reason, then there is a reason for concern, as words are the medium mankind employs to convey meaning. With this agent absent, there is a block on what we are allowed to communicate, and that is no way to live.

The problem with the political left, therefore, is not its recognition of collective identity, which does play a large role in the formation of individuals, but rather the application thereof. It is the left’s insistence that every identity, regardless of how ridiculous or demanding it is, be celebrated by all peoples is the cornerstone of is failure as an ideology. 

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