It’s Not Just Bitcoin — ‘This Is The Everything Bubble’

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It’s Not Just Bitcoin — ‘This Is The Everything Bubble’

From Business Insider:

“As recently as June 2017, the Congressional Budget Office projected that the federal budget deficit would total $689 billion next year — already higher than it should be at this stage of an economic recovery. Now after passage of the tax cut and the new spending package, the anticipated deficit has shot up to $1.15 trillion…

These deficits will increase the nation’s total debt… to as much as $35 trillion. That means that the critically important ratio of debt to the size of the nation’s economy will go from about 72% at present to as much as 109%. That would be by far the highest in our history, except for a short period of time after World War II.”

Published at Wed, 14 Feb 2018 20:39:19 +0000

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