Non-Partisan Group Ranks Evergreen State College Among The 10 Worst Campuses For Freedom Of Speech In The USA

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Non-Partisan Group Ranks Evergreen State College Among The 10 Worst Campuses For Freedom Of Speech In The USA

Free speech is an essential part of our country; it’s what makes America great. Without it, what would we have? Naked liberals running around the streets, a strange form of Marxist socialism, and probably a transgender president. Every single thing that flaming liberals stand for would not just be encouraged, it would be demanded. Any ideas opposing them would cease to legally exist.

What if you could have just a taste of that? Something to remind us how lucky we are to have such a thing as a first amendment? Well, we do have something or rather, somewhere. It’s called Evergreen State College, and on a list recently published to the non-partisan site FIRE, it ranks Evergreen as one of the top ten worst campuses for free speech in 2018. 

Well, it’s a liberal arts college, what did you expect? But as many of you know, the fact that many liberals roam the halls is not the reason its put on this list. Last year, they literally surrounded someone and held them against their will just for disagreeing with their agenda.


When Evergreen decided to “switch things up” so to speak, things got majorly out of hand. The “Day of Absence”, a tradition in which blacks leave the campus for a day, (to show everyone how much they’re needed) became a day where whites were “encouraged” to stay off campus so black people could have their “black power.” Does that sound a little, oh I don’t know, discriminatory? Biology Professor Bret Weinstein thought so, and he unapologetically stood by his beliefs in an email to campus ending with the phrase, “On a college campus, one’s right to speak — or to be — must never be based on skin color.”

Needless to say, the SJW’s did not agree. They stormed in, surrounded Weinstein, and chanted “Hey hey, ho ho, Bret Weinstein has got to go!” He tried to have a civil discussion on the matter, but the students continued to shout over him and refused to let he and his wife leave. In the real world, that’s called taking a hostage and is considered a felony. In the end, the Weinstein’s received a 500,000 dollar settlement from the school, but the incident will likely never be forgotten. 

So no, I am definitely not surprised that this college made it on the list of top ten campuses that hate free speech. If more people like Bret Weinstein would take a stand, we would truly be on the road to making America great again.     

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