Pastor Caspar’s Commentaries – Live Above The Ordinary

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Pastor Caspar’s Commentaries – Live Above The Ordinary

Pastor Caspar’s Commentaries – Live Above The Ordinary

Pastor Caspar’s Commentaries – Live Above The Ordinary

 Vicki’s Testimony.

Tales Of A Wandering Prophet – By Hubie Synn

Once again we felt burned by a “prophesy” that did not come true. We couldn’t help feeling wounded and confused all over again.
But God was using every moment of that pregnancy experience to graduate us to new levels of faith. One lesson involved Vicki’s miraculous healing from a sickness rooted in unresolved issues with her father. Vicki had developed gestational diabetes during her forth pregnancy and developed it again during her fifth. She failed a glucose intolerance test. Frustrated that God would not deliver her from it, I remembered meeting a minister named Caspar McCloud who was knowledgeable about the spiritual roots of disease. We received ministry and prayer from Caspar one evening by phone.

“let me ask you, Vicki, have you suffered from abandonment and a broken relationship with your father?” he said.
Vicki’s mouth nearly hit the floor. How could he have known that? Could that really be the cause of the diabetes instead of hormonal imbalance as the doctor had suggested?
Vicki went through prayer steps to forgive her father, received her heavenly Father’s love, and received healing.

To our amazement, her symptoms disappeared immediately after the phone call. She took a glucose intolerance test the next day and passed it! Doctors say that gestational diabetes goes away once a woman gives birth and her hormones return to normal, but not during pregnancy. God was healing Vicki’s body, and soul and showing us He was with us.

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