Something my dad said today

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Something my dad said today

May have changed my life; it wasn’t the words he said, it was the way he said them. My dad had been in the hospital, we thought he had diabetes at first. He’s always been strong and fit but he’s gained weight the last 5 years. Today, after like a week of working out I ran into him and he looked like a brand new man. I mean he was beaming.

He said, god told him “choose your pain.”

Choose your pain.

As if, you must have pain but you as a human being can choose how it manifests.

This was such a serendipitous moment for me and my dad will never realize why because we have quite different beliefs, but still, what an insight? I mean I say it all the time, “we are creators”

I guess to see someone who believes in Christianity learn that subtle truth was just a beautiful thing.

Choose your pain.

But what pain do you want? The pain of working out, hard work, and grit, possibly leading to real success? Or the pain of regret and failure, sickness and missed opportunities?

Published at Sat, 27 Jan 2018 02:52:22 +0000

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