South Africa in Chaos. Youtuber Releases Video Describing 11 Farm Attacks in 100 Hours

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South Africa in Chaos. Youtuber Releases Video Describing 11 Farm Attacks in 100 Hours

Willem Petzer, a Youtuber who puts out posts on a weekly basis specializing in videos on the state of South Africa, recently released a video that shows just how bad the attacks on South Africa have become, noting that in just 5 days, between April 15th and 20th, there were at least 11 farm attacks and 3 murders. In the video, he shares 11 brutal attacks committed against South African Farmers. Most of the victims were over the age of 50, and some even into their 70’s. Of course this comes after the DA condemned those who protested against farm murders over seas. The brutality these people deal with on a daily basis is appalling to say the least, and the American media silence is even worse.

The Daily Mail covered one of these horrendous attacks just 3 days ago. David Thomas and his wife, and sister in law were enjoying a BBQ when suddenly five intruders burst in, and shot his wife’s sister, Helia(63), in the heart. They also held a knife to his wife’s throat, and repeatedly smashed Thomas’ head against a brick wall while his attackers held a gun against his head and told him that they ‘hate whites.’

Petzer’s video goes on to describe 10 more vicious farm attacks that happened in just this short period of time, five of which, including the attack listed above, apparently happened in the span of just 24 hours:

1. On a farm in Bokfontein, According to South Africa Today, two men armed with police style batons brutally attacked a woman and her two young daughters, aged 9 and 13, by hitting them over their hands and backs. They had a laptop and two cellphones stolen from them.

2. Another farmer in Chrissiefontein was severely beaten with a wheel spanner and his vehicle robbed at around 10:00 on April 15th. There are unfortunately no more details, but police are currently investigating the incident.

3. Another farm attack happened the same day at 12:00 in the Hans Merensky area where a security guard was stabbed by 3 black males and was later admitted to the hospital. The attackers stole household items including some electrical appliances.

4. According to Petzer, a 5th attack also occurred on the 15th of April that left an elderly man in the hospital. He goes onto translate a South African article into English, describing how a “70 year old missionary farmer was attacked on his way to church by fleeing men on his farm.”

5. The next day, On April 16th at 6:40pm, Bill Gravett, a 63 year old farmer was viciously attacked with an axe and a knife on his farm near Addo BY 3 black men while he was outside feeding his horses. He now intends on selling his farm.

6. A second attack on April 16th resulted in the death of a 62 year old Eastern Cape farmer, who was found near his farm outside King Williams town. Some reports indicate that he was shot at the entrance to his farm, but police are trying to established exactly what occurred. A friend noticed his vehicle was motionless outside his farm, and then found his body when he went to investigate.

7. On April 19th, a couple was hospitalized in another farm attack. Between 7 or 8 ‘balaclava clad men’ entered Christo, (52) and Lizelle Bosman’s (46) home at 2 am while sleeping, tied and beat them. Christo was stabbed and the suspect stole their cellphones and their Ford Ranger.

8. On April 18th, an elderly couple Mr M. Govender(77) and his wife(70)was viciously attacked on their sugar cane farm. Their attackers dug under their electric fence to gain access to the property and were armed with knives. They were both tied and brutally beaten. Mr Govender managed to untie himself, but his wife unfortunately passed away due to her injuries.

9. Another attack happened April 19th as well in Bokfontein where a worker was tied up and assaulted by two armed assailants and robbed while in the farmhouse.

10. The next day, on April 20th, two black males, armed with a shotgun and a pistol shot Mrs. Motha in the head at her farm in Springs Gauteng. She is currently on life support, and police are investigating, but there is currently no other information at this time.

Petzer goes on to say that The situation in South Africa is ascending into chaos, noting that “while all of this was taking place, the North West province of South Africa is burning, there are severe riots going on, and a lot of people’s property is set alight.”

We need more content from people like Petzer on Youtube, and less white guilt.

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