There is a disinformation campaign surrounding David Hogg. Details inside

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There is a disinformation campaign surrounding David Hogg. Details inside

by ShillyMadison

Copy and pasted most of this from a text comment I made earlier today. I’ve seen a lot of nonsense spreading like wildfire.

I believe the “Hogg went to Redondo Beach High School” angle is a targeted disinformation campaign. Most of the people spreading it are likely just useful idiots that fell for it. Here is a tailormade compilation image of most of the bad info (I didn’t create this). People created fake “” pages for Hogg @ Redondo, as well as a couple other similar sites; sites which can be edited by anyone. Screenshots/archives of these pages were spammed aggressively.

The Laguna Beach Antifa twitter account (some kind of troll account) – @lagunabeachantifa9 tweeted the picture of the yearbook claiming it was Redondo Beach. The twitter account’s location is openly set as Krasnoyansk, Russia – looks like an obvious attempt at trolling to me. Too out in the open.

This was later proven to be false by a twitter video of the actual yearbook.. Not to mention the kid in the middle of the top row is wearing an Eagles shirt – the mascot of MSDHS. As if we needed any more proof, theres also an article from the MSD HS newspaper talking about how Hogg went on vacation and had a viral youtube video.

This same twitter account posted the incorrect photo of “Nicholas Cruz” in an Antifa shirt. This was then retweeted by the fake Julian Assange twitter account. More disinfo.

The strangest one I came across was a copy of that picture of all the MSD Students at the news station with “Bitconnect” photoshopped in the background and onto Hogg’s shirt. A seperate poster told everyone “Has anyone dug into Hogg and Bitconnect? Its the logo on his shirt.”.

Alltogether very odd stuff. IMO they’re trying to muddy the waters, its pretty classic. Someone stated that it was a 4chan raid doing typically trolly 4chan shit. This lines up with the Bitconnect connection; bitconnect memes are big nowadays.

However, I tend to think that there is something more sinister going on. Seems a little too coordinated to just be 4chan. The pictures are spread like wildfire on twitter, voat, and the chans. So like I said, I think there is a disinfo campaign going on. The logic follows as such:

  • Start spreading easily disproved bullshit about Hogg. Useful idiots bite and spread the disinfo like crazy.
  • Information is easily disproved by people who do their due diligence for sources.
  • Label it all “Crazy conspiracy theories” [this is already being done by our good friends at CNN]
  • People asking reasonable questions about Hogg (i.e. FBI father, viral video, interviewing during shooting, practicing lines) are labeled as conspiracy theorists and discredited by association
  • Hogg is immune from any criticism or questions about motives. Discussion is ended.

The whole thing is a mess and this just added to it. I’m really not sure what to think of the whole situation. Just my 2 cents on whats going on behind the scenes.

This post brought to you by far too much coffee.

Published at Wed, 21 Feb 2018 19:05:21 +0000

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