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West Virginia Governor’s Proposal For Brain Altering Microchip Implants To Combat Drug Crisis Is The Start Of Something Much Worse

A world where the Government can track your every move and purchase, where it can quite literally alter your brain signals at the press of a button. Sounds a bit like something out of a dystopian science fiction novel right? Sadly, it’s much more likely the real future of the human race and one that’s coming all too soon thanks to the adoption of human microchip implants. 

As with most evils in the world, the chipping of America will not enter our lives under a visible banner of malice or control, but rather under the guise of saving lives and helping people. Look no further for proof of this, then West Virginia Governor Jim Justice. Who just this past week during his annual State of the State address, spoke about the critical need for this technology and how it could be used to help those battling drug addictions. The early forced adoption of this technology will always come hidden away inside some various noble cause like aiding addicts. Because as a species we have consistently shown a remarkable willingness to allow all matter of terrible ideas to manifest merely because they were presented as something that would help people.

Governor Justice Discusses Just How Small The Chips Are

The West Virginia case is worth noting as Governor Justice seems especially determined to force his state down this dark path. With his recent speech to State lawmakers featuring the declaration that West Virginia must take the lead in solving the opioid crisis by any means necessary. The chips in question that Mr. Justice seems so fond of would be injected into a patient’s nerves, brain, or even spinal cord. It would then “block the brain and nervous system signals that are contributing to the addictive behavior,” according to Dr. Ali Rezai head of the Neuroscience Institute working on the technology. Don’t think any of this is too far off either, with the Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute planning to begin human testing within one years’ time.

While the majority of early patients undergoing the procedure will likely be volunteers, once a few successes have been noted how long before lawmakers jump at the chance to start legislating this as a mandatory treatment for confirmed addicts? Imagine all drug addicts in the prison system being chipped just as a starting point. It would likely raise little protest, and also have the added benefit of helping track convicts upon their eventual release. Of course, that last component will probably never be mentioned publicly at first.

While their remains a myriad of ways our lawmakers could slowly force microchipping on ever more significant chunks of the population, the real dream will always be simply to convince us to all to do it to ourselves willingly. This is likely why another separate chip being developed at the Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute, is designed not for current addicts but rather anyone who feels some level of recurring pain. This chip would, in theory, deliver pain relieving sensations to specific targeted locations of the body. For an American populous seemingly so hungry for pain relief of any kind, it’s almost scary to think how many would rush out and voluntarily put this little device permanently in their body.

Another factor to consider is why the sudden push for this technology now? After all, it’s existed in some form or another for many years now. The chipping of household pets having become relatively standard practice for many in the past decade offering proof of this fact. That is precisely the point for the powers behind the curtain, as they needed to allow the technology to normalize in the public eye before they began seriously advocating its use in humans. How better to accomplish this normalization, then by convincing us to all start doing it to our pets. After all, why should we be scared of doing something to ourselves which we are all apparently so willing to do our beloved animals? 

The pet chipping factor also has a sinister underline to it many have not considered. With almost every Police department in the country now having acquired chip scanners in the past few years, all under the guise of helping track down lost animals. It’s not much of a stretch to believe these same tools couldn’t soon be used to start tracking down humans as well, once the mass chipping of Americans begins in earnest.

The most amazing aspect of this story, however, might just be how blatant with their true intentions those above us are being. Almost as if the current world order is so confident in their control, that they have no fear in advertising their plans openly. Knowing full well, that the vast majority of the conditioned docile masses simply won’t care. After all, there wasn’t any noteworthy backlash last year when USA Today boldly ran a headline stating, “You Will Get Chipped Eventually.” The piece which you can read here makes it perfectly clear, whether it takes 5 years or 50, “You will get chipped. It’s just a matter of time.” This story and others like it, represent the early efforts by our controlled and propaganda spouting mainstream press to normalize the idea of chipping. If we read for years how inevitable and ok the process is, the assumption is that most people will more than happily accept it with a smile when their turn finally comes.

For final confirmation of this, just look at the fact the process has already begun in many places. With many major companies including a notable Wisconsin based firm, making microchip embedding in its employees a standard practice. In that specific case, the company pushed chips on its employee’s all in the name of pure convenience, as it allowed employees to ditch their security badges and corporate login passwords. How horrific and peculiar a world we live in, where anyone would let their company put a strange piece of technology permanently in their body just so they didn’t have to swipe a security pass to enter a door. Already in Sweden thousands ride the national rail system daily, gaining admittance not with a ticket but rather with their embedded personal microchip. This isn’t a possible future we are talking about here; it’s present-day reality.

So are we doomed to this fate? Many experts seem to have simply accepted that we are. Including Professor of Sociology Noelle Chesley who stated, “It will happen to everybody but not this year. Maybe not my generation, but certainly that of my kids.” Others seem to think it will happen far faster even, including the founder of a Seattle based company Dangerous Things, which has already sold thousands of chips directly to consumers. He states, “The time is now. We’re going to start to see chip implants get the same realm of acceptance as piercings and tattoos do now.”

Some of the fun items for sale on the Dangerous Things website

With articles like Wired’s “Why You Will One Day Have A Chip In Your Brain” making strong cases for all the possible benefits of this technology, and playing it off just as the next cool trend in tech. It’s rather easy to imagine how the next generation will grow up so desensitized as to the possible negative implications of chipping that they will rush out to get them in the same way people line up for the newest iPhone today. It’s worth noting that in an ideal world, such human enhancement technology would likely be a potential positive path forward as a species. Sadly, in a time where the technology will almost certainly be used to increase Government control, and make us less free. We might just have to consider keeping our basic biological limitations, for now, to ensure we also keep our basic liberty as well.

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