With regards to the posts removed on the subreddit today by the reddit admins in relation to David Hogg reddit.com

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With regards to the posts removed on the subreddit today by the reddit admins in relation to David Hogg

Hello all,

In the interest of full disclosure, the admins of reddit contacted us today via modmail to let us know that there is to be zero tolerance for any attempt to link reddit usernames to an IRL identity, even in the context of a public figure such as David Hogg.

To be clear, attempting to connect a username to an IRL identity in the context of the above individual will result in an immediate ban from the subreddit.

For further clarification on this matter, please direct any questions to the reddit admins via the modmail of /r/reddit.com. The moderators of this subreddit will enforce the site wide TOS as directed on this matter, and will provide updates to the community should this situation change.

As a matter of general clarification; the moderators of this subreddit have made inquiries to the admins as to this incident, based specifically on the standing of the individual involved here as a potential public figure. Those who have been on the subreddit for some time may remember an incident involving an individual by the name of Andrew Boeckman/Andrew Picard which has some parallels to the current ongoing discussion- https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/5zraqw/an_update_with_regards_to_posts_related_to_the/

While there are no doubt differences between the situation at hand and the situation involving Mr. Picard/Mr. Boeckman, the mod team feels that the nature of an individual's standing as a public figure is an issue relevant to the free exchange of ideas.

To that end, although there may be an update forthcoming, for the time being the ruling of the admins will be enforced by the mod team sans qualification.

Thanks for your understanding,

The /r/conspiracy mod team

TL:DR: Users are welcome to discuss the individual above in the context of news reports or other media, but users are not permitted to link a reddit username to the individual under any circumstances. This is by direct order of the admins, and any violations will result in an immediate ban. Updates to this situation will be provided if possible.

Published at Wed, 21 Feb 2018 21:30:52 +0000

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