Super Bowl 2018: Justin Timberlake & Illuminati Symbolism of the High Profile Ritual

Super Bowl 2018: Justin Timberlake & Illuminati Symbolism of the High Profile Ritual

The Super Bowl Half Time show demonstrates the occult principles of the Illuminati in which the “Magnetic Chain” between entertainment and the viewer was fortified with esoteric Illuminati symbolism…

Hi, my name is Isaac Weishaupt and you’re on your home for decoding conspiracy theories in entertainment!

Over the course of several years I’ve found that most all entertainment has some type of agenda behind it. Similar to the marketing campaign by the De Beers diamond monopoly of the early 1900s (a company founded by the alleged Illuminati bloodlines family of the Rothschilds); we’ve been led to believe in something that is not only false, but purposefully deceptive.

De Beers knew the powers of mind control and utilized marketing to instruct people to buy inherently worthless diamonds which has been perpetuated to this day with the purchases of engagement rings (an idea that practically didn’t exist prior to the 1930s).

Similar to this example, the entertainment seen during the Super Bowl Halftime Show is witnessed by the masses as part of a high profile ritual. This is the most watched event in all of television, drawing in the energy, focus, and attention of hundreds of millions of viewers.

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I wrote an article/video called  “Is Justin Timberlake in the Illuminati? Super Bowl LII 2018 and Occult Symbolism of JT”, in which I picked apart every potential piece of “evidence” exists to support the claim that Justin Timberlake is a tool of the Illuminati.

By the conclusion of the article it seemed apparent to me that JT was susceptible to all Illuminati agendas. I postulated that his 2018 Super Bowl performance would be laden with symbolism and I have my doubts as to how “damning” the evidence is.

That being said, let’s go through some of the images that I saw which we can learn a bit from since I always get messages on social media asking what I saw…

JT started out the show with a visual display that showed geometric shapes that many have claimed are used by the “Illuminati” for various reasons.

The fact of the matter is that not every triangle or cube is a nefarious satanic plot to takeover the world. HOWEVER, if you look at the history of the occult, you’ll find that Pythagoras was instrumental in synthesizing many esoteric traditions from Babylon to ancient Egyptian mystery schools. He was also fond of using geometry and numerology to demonstrate powers of the divine; such as the cube (represented two-dimensionally by JT):

Using that same argument, we also see the triangle in JT’s performance, which represents the power of creativity (or in the recent Jay-Z attempt to trademark his “Roc Diamond”; the triangle of manifestation used by occult magicians to incarnate spirits)…

Another potential source of symbolism is that of lightning. Luciferian occultists believe this represents the power of the “adversary” and the “true” hero of mankind- Lucifer.

JT performed on top of an illuminated cube- which again, could be used to demonstrate occult principles. The reason for that is explained in much further detail in my Decoding Illuminati Symbolism series on Saturn and the Black Cube article.

Prior to the Super Bowl, TMZ reported that JT would be performing with a hologram of Prince. Right on cue- the ultra sensitive Twitter community spoke out against this and complained that Prince “hated” JT and would never condone such a thing.

I looked around online and the only evidence to support this is a comment Prince made that “sexy never left” (in regards to JT’s then-popular song SexyBack). Hardly fuel for a “hatred”- but that proves the overall Illuminati agenda of divisiveness, but that’s a much loner diatribe I’ll save for my Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast.

The one thing I could see to support it was when JT mocked Prince’s height at the 2007 Golden Globes- but again, that’s a far cry from them “hating” each other.

What’s curious to me is that we never saw the hologram Prince performance. Instead we saw a nicely done tribute piece with an image of Prince against a sheet.

Prince was indeed against the idea of using technology to “resurrect” artists, as per a 1998 interview with him in Guitar World:

GW: With digital editing, it is now possible to create a situation where you could jam with any artist from the past. Would you ever consider doing something like that?



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